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About Natural Sunless Spray Tan

Jan Tana Africa is your year round solution to a gorgeous, tanned and glowing skin.

After 30 years of research, and perfecting the international solution, you are now able to enjoy a perfect natural glowing tan.

Jan Tana is now available in selected salons or you can purchase Jan Tana Self Tan in a bottle for application in the comfort of your home.  Very easy to apply for an even looking tan.

A all natural product with no harmful ingredients.

Suitable for :

Brides, matric dances, holiday, dance competitions and sensitive skins

3 Easy steps :

  • Exfoliate and clean your skin from all cream, perfume, and deodorant.
  • Apply Jan Tana Natural Colour the night before. Do not shower.
  • Shower the next morning to wash excess colour of skin. Do not scrub.

Jan Tana Africa - Spray Tan Party

Tan Care and tips :

  1. Wear open shoes and loose dark clothes after you have tanned.
  2. The colour will wash out and is easy to remove from materials.
  3. The better you exfoliate the longer your tan will last.
  4. The average time tan will last is 5 – 7 days.
  5. The TAN will appear darker as the colour develop.
  6. For Brides or for special events tan 2 days before the special day to ensure the tan is perfect after showering.    
  7. Apply or prolong tan with Natural Spray Itself if needed.